Subscriber Data Management Cx/Dx Interface Description

AuC Authentication Center
AUTN Authentication Token
BGCF Breakout Gateway Control Function
CSCF Call Session Control Function
EU European Union
HSS Home Subscriber Server
I-CSCF Interrogating-Control Session Control Function
IM IP Multimedia
IM-HSS IP Multimedia – Home Subscriber Service
IM-SSF IP Multimedia Service Switching Function
IMS IP Multimedia Subsystem
IP Internet Protocol
IP-CAN IP Connectivity Access Network
LIA Location-Info-Answer
LIR Location-Info-Request
MAA Multimedia-Auth-Answer
MAP Mobile Application Part
MAR Multimedia-Auth-Request
MGCF Media Gateway Control Function
MRFC Multimedia Resource Function Controller
MRFP Multimedia Resource Function Processor
OSA-SCS OSA Service Capability Server
P-CSCF Proxy Call Session Control Function
PPA Push-Profile-Answer
PPR Push-Profile-Request
RoHS Restriction of Hazardous Substances
RTA Registration-Termination-Answer
RTR Registration-Termination-Request
S-CSCF Serving Call Session Control Function
SAA Server-Assignment-Answer
SAR Server-Assignment-Request
SDM Subscriber Data Management
SDS Subscriber Data Server
SLF Subscription Locator Function
UAA User-Authorization-Answer
UAR User-Authoriztion-Request
WEEE Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment
3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project

Cx message Diameter Command-Name Abbreviation
Cx-Deregister Registration-Termination-Request RTR
Cx-Deregister Resp Registration-Termination-Answer RTA
Cx-Update_Subscr_Data Push-Profile-Request PPR
Cx-Update_Subscr_Data Resp Push-Profile-Answer PPA

Cx/Dx message Diameter Command-Name Abbreviation
Cx-Query + Cx-Select-Pull User-Authorization-Request UAR
Cx-Query Resp + Cx-Select-Pull Resp User-Authorization-Answer UAA
Cx-Put + Cx-Pull Server-Assignment-Request SAR
Cx-Put Resp + Cx-Pull Resp Server-Assignment-Answer SAA
Cx-Location-Query Location-Info-Request LIR
Cx-Location-Query Resp Location-Info-Answer LIA
Cx-AuthDataReq Multimedia-Authentication-Request MAR
Cx-AuthDataResp Multimedia-Authentication-Answer MAA

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