OpenStack Components

Source: Compute (Nova)[edit] OpenStack Compute (Nova) is a cloud computing fabric controller, which is the main part of anIaaS system. It is designed to manage and automate pools of computer resources and can work with widely available virtualization technologies, as well as bare metal and high-performance computing (HPC) configurations. KVM, VMware, and Xen are available… Read More OpenStack Components

Top 20 ESXi 5.x issues

Source: ESXi 5.x host experiences a purple diagnostic screen mentioning E1000PollRxRing and E1000DevRx (2059053) Unable to delete the virtual machine snapshot due to locked files (2017072) Installing async drivers on ESXi 5.0, 5.1, and 5.5 (2005205) Collecting diagnostic information for VMware ESX/ESXi using the vSphere Client (653) Determining Network/Storage firmware and driver version… Read More Top 20 ESXi 5.x issues

Oracle VM / CentOS network interface setup

After VM installation you need to setup internet connection which might be sometimes tricky. My setup included WiFi interface connected to Def. GW and on laptop VM machine using Bridge interface with CentOS IP manual IP assigned. Once configured you can check end to end reachability using ping to default GW and nslookup for DNS records. Define what IP… Read More Oracle VM / CentOS network interface setup