Top 20 ESXi 5.x issues

Source: ESXi 5.x host experiences a purple diagnostic screen mentioning E1000PollRxRing and E1000DevRx (2059053) Unable to delete the virtual machine snapshot due to locked files (2017072) Installing async drivers on ESXi 5.0, 5.1, and 5.5 (2005205) Collecting diagnostic information for VMware ESX/ESXi using the vSphere Client (653) Determining Network/Storage firmware and driver version… Read More Top 20 ESXi 5.x issues


Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have large investments in their legacy infrastructure – the same infrastructure that has failed to keep pace with service innovation in other domains, such as the Internet. Next generation networks hold the promise of meeting the service innovation challenge. However, wholesale network replacement is not feasible because networks do not easily… Read More OCCAS

Great blog about SIP Does it meet your capacity requirements?  Does it scale via licenses, hardware, software, or all three?  How many active sessions can it support?  Does it distinguish between users, trunks, instant message sessions, voice calls, video calls, etc.?  How does encryption change the maximum number of simultaneous sessions? How does it support encryption? … Read More Great blog about SIP