HCNA Storage Huawei Certification

Those who are interested in HCNA can get Huawei certification resources form training website,if you want to study ICT tech and solution,training and support website are good to start with. HCNA-Storage e-learning: http://support.huawei.com/learning/NavigationAction!createNavi#navi%5Bid%5D=MW000001_term1000025185&navi%5B_url%5D=spte-routshow&params%5BcourseId%5D=Node1000006327 HCNA-Storage PDF: http://support.huawei.com/learning/NavigationAction!createNavi#navi%5Bid%5D=M008_term1000025185&navi%5B_url%5D=spte-train-face-router-project&params%5BcourseId%5D=Node1000004773 Others  certification are like this above First learning e-learning course,the study PDF carefully,then do the lab, go to get what you want!

Part 1 – MakeBlock Robot Kit and Scratch installation

Download and install Scratch2 https://scratch.mit.edu/scratch2download/ Donwload and install  Adobe Air https://get.adobe.com/air/ Download and install Arduino http://www.arduino.org/software Install drivers !!! http://learn.makeblock.cc/driver_installation/ Get latest library from wiki.makeblock.cc http://wiki.makeblock.cc/index.php?title=Makeblock_For_Scratch_2.0 Copy and paste or just unzip this file shown in the picture below to your: “My Computer” -> “Documents” -> Arduino -> Libraries Download and install MakeBlock application for… Read More Part 1 – MakeBlock Robot Kit and Scratch installation