The best simulator/emulator for SDN

simulator choice depend on your purpose (case study: problem or application) these most simulator for SDN: 1- MATLAB and Simulink MATLAB : Simulink : 2- Pareto Optimal Controller Placement (POCO) Matlab-based tool 3- OpenDaylight SDN Controller with the Mininet Network Emulator 4- Mininet Network Emulator 5- NS-3 Network Simulator 6- Opensource… Read More The best simulator/emulator for SDN

Oracle VM / CentOS network interface setup

After VM installation you need to setup internet connection which might be sometimes tricky. My setup included WiFi interface connected to Def. GW and on laptop VM machine using Bridge interface with CentOS IP manual IP assigned. Once configured you can check end to end reachability using ping to default GW and nslookup for DNS records. Define what IP… Read More Oracle VM / CentOS network interface setup


Huawei’s Super Virtual Fabric (SVF) technology virtualizes multiple devices into one logical device to shield complex connections among devices and implement unified management and control of network devices. Huawei CSS/CSS2 and iStack are horizontal virtualization technologies that virtualize multiple network devices at the same layer into one logical device, without changing the physical network topology,… Read More WTF is SVF