3D Printing with Nylon 618 filament in Tie-Dye colours

The Rit Dye website recommends adding Vinegar when trying to dye Nylon, I can say that really didn’t work for me, and seemed to make the dye almost useless. I’m not sure why it didn’t help as the acid content of Vinegar or other things like citric acid are often used when dying Nylon based products.You can use other natural dyes for Nylon, Cotchineal (squashed bugs) makes a very strong red dye, Turmeric and tea also work on Nylon.Other links suggest adding add extra Salt to the Dye, this does not seem to hinder the dyeing process, but it’s hard to say if it also helped with my particular setup as I only did it with one colour and that was an already  dark shade.After ignoring the instructions for the dye and most other information I could find, I just boiled a kettle of water, and added around 200ml to the Rit Dye sachet in a glass Jam jar – stirred for 1 minute until dissolved.It’s a good idea to tie-wrap or secure the filament into a coil before dyeing. Also you want to drop the filament into hot (boiling if possible) water before putting it into the dissolved dye. Just for a few minutes to get it up to temperature.

Source: Reprap development and further adventures in DIY 3D printing: 3D Printing with Nylon 618 filament in Tie-Dye colours


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