Samsung UE50ES6710 review

unpacked this TV yesterday, started messing around with basic functions and here is my first impression:

Design: Awesome
Screen/resolution: Awesome
Initial Setup: Good, easy to tune channels, just in case you stop in the middle of tuning Satalite channels and then continue it will not save previously tuned channels, you might need to start from scratch again.

Samsung Hub User Interface:
Shit, slow and usnstable. If you are Aplle product user you will be dissapointed.

Integrated applications:

Web browser:
Not so stable, fickering when flesh is used, incombination with remote it’s useless, buy yourself mouse and keyboard.
Second opinion – it’s useless, crashing verzy often, very sloooowwww, please Samsung upgrade it or do something!

Social TV:
Integration is not so good, it has massive column on right side where on left you see TV channel you viewed last. Font is too big and you get full complete text rather then preview as it is in FB app.

iPhone Remote Applications:
Samsung TV – free application, requires to create an account, not sure why, works well with internet channels but otherwise seems to be useless.
Samsung remote – free app, so far looks very intuitive, simple and has right UI wiht buttons you need. Switching to keyboard is awesome, no delay between actions.

iPhone other applictions:
iMediaShare Lite – Video on TV

All Share connectivity:
By default All Share requires SW on you PC and yes it is available ONLY for PC so not for MAC users!!!

Vuze sharing:
Works great!

Same as other remotes but some buttons are useless like HDMI button on top when you also have Source button just beside it.
Doesn’t have backlight = is completely usesless at night.

Itunes integration/connectivity:
Doesn’t exists, you gotta buy iTV, dissapointing.

Download User Manual: