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NEBL – Neplio Large, decentralized networks require robust security protocols and algorithms to ensure that all members of the network are behaving honestly. The Neblio Network does this via a Proof-of-Stake algorithm where users “stake” their tokens to secure the network. To encourage staking and securing the network, the network rewards users for the… Read More Crypto list

Five Stages of a Bubble

Minsky identified five stages in a typical credit cycle – displacement, boom, euphoria, profit taking and panic. Although there are various interpretations of the cycle, the general pattern of bubble activity remains fairly consistent. Displacement: A displacement occurs when investors get enamored by a new paradigm, such as an innovative new technology or interest rates that are historically low. A classic… Read More Five Stages of a Bubble

OLT and ONT – what are their roles in GPON network

  Introduction to OLT (Optical Line Terminal) and ONT (Optical Network Terminal), ONU (Optical Network Unit) OLT (Optical Line Terminal) OLT and ONT? Lets start with OLT then. The main function of OLT is to control the information float across the ODN, going both directions, while being located in a central office. Maximum distance supported… Read More OLT and ONT – what are their roles in GPON network

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Bitcoin vs. Litecoin Ethereum white paper BitCoin white paper Coinbase for mobile and GDAX for web based trading Luno for mobile trading User feedback Comparison of BTC, ETH, LTC Any idea why Coinbase and Luno traders both have bank accounts in Estonia? Ok, clear now